Products Used

Products used during our vintage Airstream clear coat removal and polish job.

Ready Strip Paint Stripper

Before you can do any polishing to your exterior, you must first strip the clear coat off. We used a 1 gallon container of Ready-Strip during the clear coat stripping process. Click here for our detailed post on the clear coat stripping process.

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Bright Work Polish

We used Bright Work polish steps 1-3 on our exterior.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3 

Makita 7" Electric Polisher

For steps 1-2, we used an side grinder my dad had laying around. It did the job but was on the smaller side and took much longer to polish. A lot of people recommend this guy.

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Ryobi 6" Random Orbit Polisher

Don't underestimate this little $20 polisher! We bought this on a whim before shelling out $450 for the Cyclo (which everyone recommends). This little thing kicked butt! We wrapped it in a t-shirt to minimize swirls and we were happy with the job it did!

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Jasco Odorless Mineral Spirits

At the end of the polishing, you'll need lots of t-shirts and mineral spirits to wipe off the excess polish.

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Products used to paint our vintage Airstream skin.

Jasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser

I'm eternally grateful for the guy at Lowe's who introduced me to this product. This saved a ton of time. A lot of you may know that over time, the skin on vintage Airstreams turns sort of sticky and slimy. This stuff cut through all of that and prepped the walls for paint.

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Valspar Signature Paint in Satin

I painted the entire skin and tambour doors with Valspar Signature in Satin and the color Snow Bank. It took two coats and I rolled most of it on with a 4" wide roller. I used a small brush around the trim.

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Valspar Project Perfect Spray Paint

I sprayed the plastic end caps, window frames, pressboard and all metal trims with Valspar enamel satin spray paint in White. I matched it to my latex wall paint and it blends perfectly.

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Products used to remodel our vintage Airstream bathroom.

Lippert RV Bath Tub 24" x 36"

This isn't the most glamorous tub out there but it was a perfect fit in the old tub footprint of our 1975 Airstream Overlander.

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Decorative Backsplash Panel

We used this backsplash panel on the front facing side of the tub. One $20 sheet cut in two covered the whole front.

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Aquatile White Tileboard

We covered the back walls of the bathroom in a fresh solid white tileboard.

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1/4" & 3/4" White Starboard

Starboard is amazing stuff. It is a super strong and waterproof. We used 1/4" around the vertical sides of the tub area and 3/4" for the counter next to the tub.

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Ikea Ekbacken Dark Oak Countertop

We used this countertop in the bathroom and throughout the Airstream. It's a great color and has held up wonderfully with regular use.

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A $6 Pile of Pallet Wood

We covered the front facing sides of the bathroom in pallet wood from a local pallet manufacturer. We bought this pile before it became a pallet. Beware of used pallets - they can contain all sorts of nasty chemicals!

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Mintcraft Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Every inch of space counts in an Airstream. We used this nifty recessed toilet paper holder. It looks great and stays out of the way!

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Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

We decided a regular black water tank RV toilet was right for us. We've been very happy with this one. It's super easy to deal with. No smells, no problems, no complaints!

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Levolor White Vinyl Roller Shade

We installed roller shades throughout the Airstream. They've been super easy to use and they open and close with ease.

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BOSCH T 4-Gallon Electric Water Heater

We went all-electric on Mavis. We've been happy with this 4 gallon water heater. It's enough for a solid 15 minute hot shower!

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KES L310B-2 Modern Bathroom Faucet

We scored our vessel sink at a scratch and dent shop for $10! We got this short faucet which fits perfectly in the space. It's great quality too!

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6' Flexible Shower Hose

We left the shower hose in the original location but updated all of the fixtures. The hose that came with our new shower head was too short and too rigid. This shower hose is super flexible and high quality.

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Oxygenics 5-Spray Showerhead

This shower head is awesome. It looks good, has different settings and has great water pressure.

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Gaoyu Adjustable 3M Shower Head Mount

We moved our showerhead from the curved wall of the bathroom to the back wall to have more headroom. We have this mount on the tileboard back wall and it's incredibly sturdy and hasn't budged.

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Zenna Aluminum Corner Shower Curtain Rod

With a modification of one of the brackets to fit the curved ceiling, this shower curtain rod fit perfectly.

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Products used to update our vintage Airstream water filtration.

Everpure Single Head Filter Mount

We replaced our original filter mount with this guy. It allows for use of a variety of modern filters.

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Pentair Everpure Quick Change Cartridge

This filter lasts a whole season with regular use. Our water tastes like bottled!

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Camco Premium Whole-Trailer Water Filter

This will filter all of the water coming into the trailer - shower and bathroom faucet too!

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Products used to update our vintage Airstream plumbing.

Thetford to Valterra Universal Adapter

This was needed to convert the vintage Airstream sewer connection to a modern sewer hose.

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Thetford Titan Sewer 15' Hose Kit

This is the 15' expandable sewer hose required to hook up to sewer.

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Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25')

We got this lead-free 25' city drinking water hose used to connect city water to the Airstream.

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Camco Holding Tank Rinser

This is a black water tank high pressure sprayer with an on/off switch to use when emptying.

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Walex Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer

One of these puppies gets dropped in the toilet each time after you empty the black water tank.

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Phantom 25' Expandable Garden Hose

We use this easy-to-store hose to hook up a non-drinking water source to the black water tank wand.

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