Mini & Marvelous: Our Apartment Therapy Home Tour

A tour of our little home is now live on! It’s quite the dream come true. The process of building Mavis was both one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done and at the same time, so unbelievably rewarding. Everyone made remodeling an old trailer look so easy. I was naive enough to think, “Hey, all we need is some white paint and new linens and we’re good to go!” Not the case. At all. I remember spending an afternoon or two sobbing in a heap on the floor of the Airstream covered in paint and sawdust. Thinking we are the last people on earth qualified to take on such a task. Most days, Mavis got the best of us. We had so many bruises, scrapes, splinters, sore fingertips and most evenings were spent picking paint or sealant out of my hair. One particularly fine day I even accidentally sprayed bleach in my eyes while scrubbing the walls. It seemed no task was started and finished same day. Every menial task drug on for days, weeks, months. We’d get so frustrated that we would vow that we’d list it for sale the next day and wash our hands of it. But luckily, we never had the heart to do it. We forged on, mostly fueled by stubborness. And not all days were terrible. Most days it felt like therapy to me. It was calming, centering and felt like a much needed shot of adrenaline. We definitely had a love/hate relationship with Mavis. We made endless trips to Home Depot and even more to the return counter. We watched endless YouTube videos. We read endless articles on forums. As we neared the end and the dust began to settle, we started to ask, holy crap, have we just built ourselves a fully functioning home?! Sure it was hard. Sure we wanted to light it on fire most days. Sure it made us want to kill eachother from time to time. But in the end, this experience truly opened our eyes. We realized two things: 1. You don’t need a giant fancy house filled with fancy things to be happy. 2. You can build a wildly inexpensive (Apartment Therapy-worthy!) house YOURSELF. Thanks to the internet, thanks to friends and family and thanks to good old-fashioned perserverence. And all this is why it makes me super duper proud to say: Click here for our tour!

Sheena is a free-spirited adventurer who designed and renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with her husband and mohawk-sportin’ poodle. She’s a business owner, self-taught carpenter, blogger, yogi, professional photographer and a lover of the outdoors and healthy living.

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