How to Receive Packages on the Road

While we are out roaming the country, we have still managed to get anything we normally ordered online still delivered to us. Everything from our Purple Carrot meal delivery to Amazon. Life without Amazon is a scary thought, isn’t it? But have no fear! You can even receive Amazon packages on the road! You have to get creative, but so far, our system has worked pretty flawlessly. While we aren’t experts on the subject, I thought I’d share what we’ve learned thus far.

Disclaimer: Be sure to double check these services with the respective carrier websites as things may have changed since this article was published.


If we stay in a place for three months or more, we get a PO box and have our mail forwarded to the box. All of our mail forwarded with the exception of our magazines. You can even have Amazon packages shipped to a PO box! When you enter your address as a PO box, Amazon automatically ships via USPS. Some post offices will also receive UPS and FedEx packages but you’ll have to check with your particular post office to verify whether or not they do this. If they do, the shipping address must be the actual address of the post office with your PO box listed on the second line of the address. It may differ, but three months at our last long-term location in Southport, NC cost $26. To search for a PO box and determine cost, click here.


No PO box? You can still receive Amazon packages on the road! We are Amazon addicts and order everything from food to clothing on a weekly basis. Amazon won’t ship to a UPS Store but they will, however, ship to an Amazon locker for pickup. The only issue with this is you can’t receive oversized items. We tried to have a tent delivered to an Amazon Locker once and got an error message at checkout that the item was too large. Amazon Lockers are all over most cities at easy to find locations like gas stations. You can even make returns from these lockers.


Some RV parks will accept packages on behalf of their guests. For those that don’t, we have packages shipped to UPS or FedEx Stores depending on the carrier used. Of course this only works when you can specify which carrier when ordering online. Or if you know which carrier the online store exclusively uses. To find a list of UPS Stores, click here. For FedEx, click here (be sure to click More > Hold at Location before entering a location). If you’re a UPS MyChoice member, they will hold the package for free up to five business days. FedEx is also free for up to five business days without the need to sign up for anything. One thing to note is if the package sits longer than five days without getting picked up, it will be returned to the sender. So timing your pickups is everything!

FedEx Hold at Location information
UPS Hold at Location information

Be sure to enter your address in the following format:

Hold for pickup – (your name)
C/O UPS Store
1234 Street
City, State Zip

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