Upgrading to a Lippert Smart Jack

We picked up Mavis in original condition and that of course included the ancient (broken) jack. Somewhere along the way, the motor had malfunctioned and the original manual crank had disappeared. There were some replacement options to slowly raise and lower the jack, but none fit exactly. After our trip back from Southport (and a couple of smashed knuckles), we decided to replace the front jack.

We partnered with Lippert Components to find the best option for Mavis — the Smart Jack. The jack is fully featured with a halo LED light system making nighttime hookups much easier, programmable height option, battery indicator, 9 inch foot plate, and just as important, a very welcomed cosmetic upgrade!

Installation was very straightforward. Our original Airstream jack required four bolts to be removed before installing the new Lippert. One located on the bottom of the original foot plate and three connecting the jack to the Airstream. Once the original jack was removed (Liquid Wrench was a must as the bottom bolt was very stubborn), installation was very quick, approx. 10 minutes start to finish. We replaced the three bolts and reconnected the 12 volt power line (your model may be slightly different).

Now hitching up Mavis is a breeze! Gone are the days of an unreliable motor and having to find a “this kinda works” tool to raise and lower the Airstream. Now two buttons do the trick, all while showing you your battery level to prevent draining your 12 volt.

Jason renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with his wife and mohawk-sportin’ poodle. He’s a student pilot, FAA Certified sUAS Pilot, self-taught Airstream plumber/electrician, natural navigator and a lover of the outdoors.

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