DIY Modern, Simple & Cheap Airstream Curtain Replacement

We get a lot of questions about our kitchen curtain set-up. I’ve hung curtains with this method before in our house and love how simple and inexpensive it is. Since Airstream walls are curved, it makes it difficult to hang curtains traditionally. The curtains need to attach at the top and bottom of the window to keep from hanging awkwardly. The rest of our windows have roller shades which make it super easy to open and close. But I felt the kitchen area needed some texture so I chose to cover it in our matching Mexican blanket fabric used for the doorway. It’s SUPER easy and I did it all start to finish myself. The supplies for the job come in at right under $20 (excluding the curtain fabric) and can be found at Home Depot and Amazon.


These supplies will cover one window (top and bottom wire).


  • Drill
  • 1/16″ Drill bit
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters

This is a detailed look at the top wire. You’ll need a turnbuckle and an eye hook on one side and an eye hook only on the other. This side shows the eye hook. That’s where you’ll start. The skin on an Airstream is tough to screw into by hand. You’ll need to start by drilling a hole with the 1/16″ drill bit. Then, you can easily screw the eye hook into place with a pair of pliers. Next, attach the wire using the ferrule and stop set. I only used one part of the set as seen above. This is more than enough to hold the wire taught. Once you thread the wire through the eye hook, you’ll clamp down on the metal stopper using the ridges in a wire crimper. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure for the wire to stay put.

This is the other side of the top wire. This is where you will tighten the wire with the turnbuckle to get it nice and taught. Determine where the curtain wire will stop and add an eye hook to the wall. Take one of your turnbuckles and repeat what you did above and clamp down the wire on the eye end of the turnbuckle. Make sure to unscrew the turnbuckle as you do this so you have enough slack to tighten the wire later. Once you’ve attached the eye hook, now you can hook the turnbuckle to the eye hook you’ve attached to the wall. Tighten the turnbuckle until the curtain wire is taught! Voila!

On the bottom, you repeat exactly what you did to the top. The curtains slide with ease and it’s as easy to open and close as our roller shades. If you have any questions, let me know! Good luck! 🙂

Sheena is a free-spirited adventurer who designed and renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with her husband and mohawk-sportin’ poodle. She’s a business owner, self-taught carpenter, blogger, yogi, professional photographer and a lover of the outdoors and healthy living.

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  1. Leah Werner says: Reply

    Very clever! I’ll be trying this for sure!

  2. How did you handle the curved portion of your curtains on the end?

    1. We actually have an exterior rock guard that we lower at night for privacy. I used to have curtains on the old curtain track but found them too difficult to open and close. We removed them and just use the rock guard. I have seen people install three roller shades, one on each window, and it looks great!

  3. Where did you get the curtain fabric from?

    1. It’s from Amazon! Here’s a link.

  4. This post is so helpful! I’ll soon be tackling this same project in ours. Do you know how much fabric (how many of those blankets) you used for the window curtains?

    1. Thanks so much! It was just one blanket! I think it was half of it actually. I used the rest of it to make a chair cushion. 🙂

      1. Did that one blanket cover the kitchen window AND the one hung to separate spaces, plus the chair cushion? That would be super impressive! Also, we are in the process of renovation a 1968 Silver Streak Sabre and I’ve been agonizing and totally all over the map about choosing fabric for cushions and curtains but your airstream helped give me a lot of focus. On point! *high five*

        1. Hey there! Unfortunately, no – it took two blankets to do that! Almost an entire blanket was used for the doorway curtain. Ah, and thanks so much!! Yes, I discovered blankets as an awesome way to cover things. Way more substantial and adds more texture than regular old fabric! 😀

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