We poured our blood, sweat and tears (literally all three) into renovating our Airstream. We learned everything as we went. This project proved to be one of the most frustrating, yet insanely rewarding things we've ever done. We transformed an outdated, sad interior into a modern, tiny dream home—with our own hands! Scroll down to take the grand tour of Mavis! Curious how we found Mavis? Read about our search here.

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Airstream Living Area

Our living space was reupholstered and painted. No major remodeling here!

Airstream Kitchen

We did a complete gutting of the kitchen and installed all new plumbing, fixtures and cabinets.

Airstream Bedroom

The bedroom was updated with new mattresses, paint, wallpaper and linens. No major remodeling here!

Airstream Bathroom

We did a complete gutting of the bathroom and fitted with new cabinets, updated plumbing and fixtures.

Vintage Airstream Living Area Remodel
Vintage Airstream Kitchen Remodel
Vintage Airstream Bedroom Remodel
Vintage Airstream Bathroom Remodel