Roswell, New Mexico

Jason and I have "Conspiracy Theory Thursday" every week where we each take turns picking a conspiracy theory topic to explore. Usually it's aliens. We once drove white knuckled all the way out to the gates of Area 51 and slept with one eye open at the nearby curious trailer hotel, Little A'Le'Inn. So it was only appropriate that we spent a couple of days in Roswell, New Mexico. We visited the Roswell UFO Museum which was packed full of information - you just had to be patient enough to read it all. A favorite stop was the Roswell Museum and Art center. It was free (donations accepted) and had a lot of interesting pieces and an awesome section full of Native American relics. And a few of you recommended we eat at Big D's Diner. It definitely didn't disappoint. Probably the best veggie burger of all time. 

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