Our New Dometic Blizzard NXT 15k AC Unit

Last winter was our first trip in the Airstream and we didn’t have much need for air conditioning (except for the humid days). Before we headed out west on our next adventure, we knew it would become a necessity. For installation info (and pitfalls to avoid!) check out my previous post. I would just suggest hiring a well-known and reputable shop to perform the install.

We had a few important targets to hit when selecting a new ac unit. First, it had to cool the area quickly and without struggle. Second, the controls should be intuitive and easy to use. Third, we wanted a unit that looked clean and sleek on the roof. Your requirements may differ, but these may help to get your needs down before shopping. After getting these few points down, I spoke with the folks at Dometic to help find the best unit and the required accessories. After discussing the options, we selected the Blizzard NXT 15k output model with manual lower control unit. Also important to note, you can optionally purchase drain cups to divert the condensation from draining down your trailer (important for those who have polished their Airstream). Controls will vary depending on the unit you select and how your trailer is setup. When we rebuilt Mavis, we removed the old thermostat and wiring. Yours may have wiring where you can upgrade to a modern thermostat for both single and multi zone setups. We went with a lower control unit (also called a distribution box) which both distributes the air in four directions and has the necessary controls for both fan speed and temperature. It’s very low-profile and leaves more than enough head clearance.

After spending some nights swimming in the air down in Southport, we were exited to try out the new Dometic. We felt an immediate difference in the air after we first turned it on. On the road,  our Blizzard NXT has kept us cool in temperatures in the mid 90s without issue and kept the humidity at a normal level. We were very happy we took Dometic’s advise and went with their best performing unit. One side benefit we hadn’t thought of was the white noise of the unit. If you’re like us and need some noise in the background to sleep, you can run in either AC or fan only mode to get a good background sound. Important to note, the unit is very quiet on the outside. We can hardly tell it’s running. We’ve also been happy with the appearance. The Blizzard NXT is sleek and aerodynamic.

As you may know, we picked up a Briggs and Stratton P3000 generator just before our trip. For those of you who plan to use this model or similar, I’d like to note they pair well and the Blizzard uses approximately 55% of the overall output of the P3000. If you’re looking for a generator, I’d recommend working with someone at Lazydays to find the best option. They have many models to pick from.

Our next stops include the New Mexico and Texas. We’re confident we’ll stay cool the entire time!

Jason renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with his wife and mohawk-sportin’ poodle. He’s a student pilot, FAA Certified sUAS Pilot, self-taught Airstream plumber/electrician, natural navigator and a lover of the outdoors.

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  1. Was wondering how you decided on the Blizzard NXT instead ot the Atwood (now owned by Dometic) ProAir 15,000 Btuh unit. Advertising literature for the ProAir indicates it is very quiet, due to separate fan and condenser motors. It is rated 360 cfm.

    1. Hi Tom- no doubt there are quite a few options out there depending on the application. During our search, the Blizzard NXT continued to surface as the latest and greatest in AC technology and reliability. After our cross country trip this year, I can verify it did a great job in keeping us cool during some very warm days. I’ll have to check out the ProAir soon!

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