How Mavis Got Her Name

A lot of people ask how Mavis got her name. It actually does have a story behind it. A kind of funny story that shows what a goofy, quirky relationship Jason and I have. Mavis gets her name from the Charlize Theron movie, Young Adult. Well, in a round-about way. Charlize Theron’s character, Mavis, had an affection for Hello Kitty t-shirts, hoodies, giant purses and oversized sunglasses. At the time we watched this movie, I sat there wondering to myself how long it would take until Jason would point out our clothing choice similarities. I was sitting there practically wearing Mavis’ exact outfit. I’ve owned a few cat t-shirts in my day (and still do and coincidentally wore one today). I’m not a cat lady, but I like cat shirts. I mean that’s normal, right? So sure enough, from there on, my name was Mavis when I’d wear any clothing with cats, rainbows, astronauts, rainbow cats in astronaut suits or anything else that looked like it came out of a teenager’s closet. When we bought our Airstream, I decided it was time to pass that name on. I especially knew it was meant to be when I realized Charlize was born in 1975 – the same year as Mavis. I thought maybe if Jason was calling the Airstream Mavis then I could wear cat shirts in peace. So that was that. And incidentally, my nickname is no longer Mavis.



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  1. What a lovely story. I think Mavis is the perfect name.

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