Airstream Living Area Remodel | Before & After


The living area makeover was dramatic but we really didn’t make a lot of heavy remodel changes here. I kept the original sofa and removed the pull-out function because it squeaked and creaked no matter what adjustments we made. We reinforced the framework of the sofa and rebuilt the storage area underneath. We recovered the sofa and put up new curtains on the original front window curtain rails. We never close the curtains as we have a front fabric covered rock guard that we open and close every day for privacy. I painted every square inch in here white and removed the old skylight vents and replaced with aluminum mesh.

The triple peak wood shelf is an awesome focal point for the front of the trailer. It’s a great place for tiny found objects from beach combing and my vintage camera find from a local antique shop is right at home in the center. I installed a string of battery powered LED lights along the backside of the curtain rail. They provide just the right amount of ambient light and make the area feel so cozy at night. In the left window, we have our Mohu Leaf 50 antenna that allows us to get free local channels on our TV. We also have a Roku that connects to our phone hotspots.

Triple Peak Wood Shelf // Etsy // Buy here
Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna // Amazon // Buy here

One of my favorite things in here are the original clock and thermometer. I taped them off and spray painted around them with a white semi gloss for plastic. I think they look great with their paint update!

I wanted a lot of various lush textures on the sofa. It’s such a cozy space. The only thing I would have done differently is making the sofa an L shape. I plan to make that modification next time we have it parked where we can work on it.

Cable knit throw // World Market
Assorted ivory pillows // TJ Maxx
Multi-colored Southwest pillow cover // Amazon // Buy here
Herringbone Mexican blanket (converted to curtains) // Amazon // Buy here
Sofa material // Joanne’s
Dog stairs // DIY from leftover pallet wood

My mom actually learned how to upholster for this project. She did a phenomenal job. All three pieces of the sofa are piped and have zippers for easy removal to launder.

You wouldn’t believe how much greenery you can fit in a small space if it hangs! I have so many hanging plants in here. They’re up and out of the way but add so much life to the space. I made mini ones for the corners of the living area from 3mm cotton macrame cording and fastened to the backside of the curtain rail with 3M tabs.

The only original curtain rail I reused in the trailer was the one around the front windows. The rest of the windows were covered with Levelor roller shades. The kitchen window was redone with a wire rail curtain to add some color to the area.

Herringbone Mexican blanket (converted to curtains) // Amazon // Buy here

I searched high and low for a rug to fit the space. A standard 3×5 was too big and a 2×3 was a hair small. I ended up going with this 2×3 Nuloom Shyla rug. Since it’s a substantial, thick rug, I felt it filled up the space better than your average 2×3. It’s great quality and still looks like new after a couple of months of use. It doesn’t shed or get pulls. I have rug tape underneath it to keep it from sliding around.

Nuloom Hand Tufted Wool Shyla Rug // Nuloom // Buy here




Sheena is a free-spirited adventurer who designed and renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with her husband and mohawk-sportin' poodle. She's a business owner, self-taught carpenter, blogger, yogi, professional photographer and a lover of the outdoors and healthy living.

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  1. Now I’ve seen the before I’m even more impressed! Massive well done you guys x x x

    1. Thank you so much! 😀

  2. This looks adorable! We still haven’t painted ours but this makes me want to again. It really brightens up the space. Where did you buy the little track curtain things? Have a great day!

    1. Oh it made a world of difference in here! The previous owner actually had a bunch of them stashed away in a bin. But you can buy them on Amazon! Here’s a link:

  3. Dianne Houtz says: Reply

    Holy Cow!! This look is inspiring! It’s so clean, airy and happy! I can feel the love through your blog! Love the addition of the plants also-makes it like home. Thanks so much for sharing ! 💕
    Did y’all removed the sliding (?tambour?) doors to paint around the clock?
    What prep and paint for the walls….I have a 1975 Safari with sticky walls and want to paint.

    1. Thank you so very much!! We didn’t remove the doors to paint around the clock. I actually just masked the entire clock off and spray painted the trim around the clock. It turned out very nice and you wouldn’t ever know it had been painted! Here’s a post on painting the interior that should help! 🙂

  4. Hillary Fritts says: Reply

    So fabulous and lovely! Never thought about spray-painting our 76 Sovereign’s interior, but you have made Mavis look so clean and fresh. Love it!

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