DIY Pallet Wood 12v Light Fixture

Anyone that is renovating a vintage Airstream or travel trailer has probably noticed that replacement 12 volt light fixtures out there are, well, hideous. They are big and bulky and plastic. Now maybe there are some cute ones out there but my search was pretty exhaustive and I came up empty handed. Puck lights are plentiful and so are long skinny strip lights. But an actual fixture? Nada.

In our bathroom, we removed the big overhead cabinet that had the light fixture built in. We gutted the entire bathroom and had to start over from scratch with everything. Including the light. The hole for the overhead light was very off-center so I knew we’d need some sort of long skinny light to cleverly hide that hole. I ended up constructing a very simple light made from a piece of pallet wood and 1×1 strips of wood. Effectively, I made a shallow wooden box to house the guts of the lights inside. I researched MANY puck lights. I didn’t find any that were hard-wired lights, which is what we needed. We ended up buying these lights and just cutting the plug and hard-wiring them ourselves. Total cost for this project: $16!

For the switch, we did not have a wired switch already on the wall and honestly, I don’t even remember where the original switch was for the bathroom light. We didn’t have the time and even if we did, we didn’t feel like messing around with wiring a wall switch. After all, this bathroom is tiny so what is the difference between reaching for a wall switch or just raising your arm an extra foot to reach the light fixture itself? Yep, much easier. So we drilled out two holes on the end of the light and fastened the switch to the side. Voila!

To fasten to the ceiling, I drilled out 1/4″ holes on each of the four corners and then fastened with 4 wood screws.



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