Airstream Bedroom Remodel | Before & After

The only easy part of the remodel was the bedroom area. It was really just a lot of white paint, some wallpaper, new mattresses and linens. Oh and the new DIY barn style double doors. This post is slightly premature as we don’t have our new 12v bedroom lighting installed yet. I will add to the post once those are up!

The mattresses were the tricky part. It was almost impossible to find the EXACT size needed and when we did find the exact size, they were either ridiculously expensive or had bad reviews. I wanted the mattress to be American made and Certipur-US compliant. We ended up with this mattress (Twin XL – regular twin is too short!) and are very happy with them so far. They had almost zero odor, are very comforable and don’t add a ton of height to the beds. I didn’t want a mattress so plush that I felt like we were stuffed into the sleeping compartments. The length fit like a glove, however, the width we need is narrower than a standard twin. We split open the mattress cover and cut the foam with a $16 electric carving knife. We tacked the mattress cover back into place and just like that, we had cheap, nice quality, comfortable mattresses.

Cow Skull // Etsy // $29.99 // Buy here
Bike & Surf Print // $24 // Etsy // Buy here
Turquoise Arrow // Antique shop find
Woman in Bikinis Print // Vintage book find
Picture frames // DIY by me
Pillow cases and shams // World Market
Black & tan pillow cover // Amazon // $5.40 // Buy here
Mini pillows // DIY from World Market dish towels
Natural duvets // Bed Bath & Beyond
Black rug // Target clearance find
Bird garland // World Market
Navajo throws // TJ Maxx

I made these braided ties out of scrap materials from our upholstery jobs in Mavis. We can tie the door off when Mavis is on the road to keep them from swinging. It’s also a two-fold bonus as it can be tied from the inside too to sort of “lock” the door.

I made these coordinating picture frames out of scrap 1×2 from the remodel process. I joined them together on the backside with corner brackets, stained, stenciled and distressed with a hammer and Mouse sander. I affixed the frame directly to the wall with screws and sandwiched a piece of plexiglass in between. There’s no risk of these falling or shattering while Mavis is on the road.

There couldn’t be a better setting for hanging plants than a small space. These completely add life to the trailer and stay up and out of the way since they hang tucked away in corners. I have four hanging plants in here and love them! No floor or counter space needed!

We scored these awesome Navajo style throws at TJ Maxx for just $20 a piece.

My cow skull also acts as a great place to hang my necklaces. Hey, everything needs a purpose in 200 square feet!

Our shams and pillowcases both came from World Market. The small lumbar pillows were made from dish towels from World Market. 😀

This is the foot of my bed. I made this shelf out of scrap wood and stained and stenciled it. It’s super skinny and is enough space for magazines, my notepad and my PlanetWise zip pouch which I keep Riley’s supplements in. One of my favorite purchases in here is our LG Smart TV. It connects to the 4g hotspot on our phones and we can watch streaming TV anywhere we have a signal on our phone!

This is a look at both of the walls at the foot of the bed. Jason’s side has hooks to hang coats, hats, etc.



Sheena is a free-spirited adventurer who designed and renovated a 1975 Airstream in 2016 and travels the US with her husband and mohawk-sportin' poodle. She's a business owner, self-taught carpenter, blogger, yogi, professional photographer and a lover of the outdoors and healthy living.

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  1. We saved our over head reading lights/shelves as shown in your “before” pictures but I am finding them nearly IMPOSSIBLE to decorate around. You have inspired me to think of removing them… but I do like the exxtra light that they add!

    1. Oh I feel your pain. I kept them until the very last minute because I figured it’d be impossible to find decent 12v fixtures to replace them. They are all hideous! So we bought standard 110v edison bulb fixtures and converted the guts to 12v. We haven’t installed them yet but when we do I’ll list out what we did! It cost $32 for each light – the fixture, 12v guts and 12v edison bulb.

  2. It all fits together so beautifully! You have such a talent for design. Thank you for sharing it all here. I wish I could hire you to design our little RV! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. It’s been lovely to see!

    1. Ahh thank you so much for the kind words! That made my day! 😀

      1. Hi Sheena
        I was hoping to get a few questions answered as we are almost done with out 64′ globetrotter remodel. Almost done? maybe. We are about to paint the inside today! so much more to do as this will be a boutique. I am wanting to hang pictures and hanging plants from the aluminum. beyond the sheet of aluminum is just insulation. Shall I use a small screw or hook with a anchor? and same for wall art?
        Thank you

        1. Hello! Congrats on finishing up your remodel! For picture frames, I actually just used 1 1/4″ sheet metal screws. For hanging plants, I got the little safety hook screws (this way if you move the Airstream the plants wont pop off a regular style open hook).

  3. What type of white paint did you use on your walls? I know you have mentioned latex on other things. We are just starting to paint our walls white. I’m thinking we may. It have bought the right paint!

    1. Yes! We used latex paint on the skin. Just be sure to prime with that Jasco liquid deglosser. We wallpapered the pressboard divider walls because paint wouldn’t stick to those.

  4. Did your airstream have the “marbled” look mirrors in the room? How did you cover if so.

    1. It didn’t – there was one full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door but we removed the door during the reno. Sorry to not be of more help!

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